Share Information | Save Time | Save Lives

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Collaborate and share information with anybody, anywhere, in real-time to empower more informed, agile and safer management of emergencies

Share Information | Save Time | Save Lives

The most valuable resource in any emergency is reliable information

Information is a critical resource both prior to and during a disaster. The capacity to provide and distribute information in meaningful ways is critical. 

Australian National University, 2021

Delays increase impacts and risks

Managing emergencies, such as wildfires, floods and storms, is based on the limited context provided by radio messages and phone calls. This under-informs and delays decision making, increasing impacts and placing the community and responders at unnecessary risk.

The ability of fire fighters and the IMT to combat bushfires is greatly restricted by a reliance on outdated and legacy stove piped technologies which offer limited information flow and prevent accurate, timely and informed decision making.  These inefficiencies present a critical and unnecessary risk to the lives of communities affected by bushfires and to the lives of those people who work to combat them.

Trillium Australia, 2021

More informed | More agile

Our map-based, real-time, collaborative, virtual environment enables a digital twin (digital replica) of an incident to be created with just two clicks.

Geographically distributed people and teams can collaborate in this virtual environment in real time to plan, war-game and coordinate their activities. This ensures the right information gets to the right people sooner:

  • whoever and wherever they are,
  • in a form they understand,
  • before, during and after emergencies.

Reduce impacts | Increase safety

Keep pace with evolving incidents through more informed and faster decision making to:

  • Reduce impacts.
  • Increase safety.
  • Reduce costs.

What makes us different


Other solutions result in everybody having different situational awareness as a result of the directions in which information is shared or the requirement to refresh the browser page to see changes. Our real time virtual collaborative environment enables everybody to have the same situational awareness so any two or more people can have a radio conversation while looking at exactly the same information at the same time, whoever and wherever they are.

Subject Matter Expertise

Zirkarta was developed to address issues I repeatedly experienced during 27 years performing leadership roles in bushfire management in Australia as well as to address common denominators in post-event inquiries.

― Dylan, co-founder of Zirkarta

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