Eliminate bottle necks between creators and consumers of incident information and automate information distribution to ensure the right information gets to the right people sooner. For example, so information gets from the scene of an emergency to the community or between field-based responders and the operations center in seconds.

Single source of truth

Create a single source of truth for information eliminating the need to duplicate information in multiple systems for different purposes and to synchronise information between systems, which inevitably results in differences in information– which version of information is correct?

Self serve

Enable everybody, inside and outside the response authority and at different hierarchical levels, to self serve the information they need to meet their decision making needs rather than having to wait until it is provided.

Error free communication

Enables real-time error free communication of complex information, especially map-based information, between geographically separated people and teams, including between field-based responders and the operations center.

Situational awareness

Enable responders to gain situational awareness before they even arrive and maintain shared situational awareness between all responders and between responders and the operations center throughout incidents.

See the whole picture

Enable everybody to see the whole picture without having to manually or mentally piece together verbal descriptions from multiple responders, each of whom can only see a small part of the incident.

Keep up with incident development

Enable automatic real time information sharing so that decisions and actions keep pace with incident development reducing impacts and increasing safety.

Know what the community knows

Use the community as intelligence gathering sensors to help inform your decision making.

Focus on what matters most

Automatic information distribution enables you to focus on what matters most – combating the incident – rather than spending time manually distributing information. This includes the ability for different hierarchical levels to view reports meeting their needs (e.g. situation reports) without you having to manually generate them

Maximise achievement of objectives

Enables more effective and efficient Command, Control and Coordination to maximise achievement of operational objectives.

Work together seamlessly

Enable multiple authorities to work together seamlessly.

Eliminate silos

Eliminate silos so relevant information collected by one part of an organisation is automatically made available to other parts of the organisation to prevent conflicts between activities.

Evidence based decision making

Automatically capture highly structured data as a by-product of operations to power evidence based decision making and continuous improvement.

Improve governance

Improve governance by embedding and automating workflows through the use of templates.

Improve accountability

Improve accountability through automatic change logging that enables the history of an incident to be replayed as a movie.